August 2012 $400 Build

I’ve taken a new route with this build and chose a cheaper CPU to obtain a much more powerful graphics cards. This build will open up many more venues of settings and higher FPS’s. Instead of traditionally using the Intel i3-2100 or AMD Phenom II X4 965, I will instead choose to use the Intel G530. The drawbacks of this are increased load times, decreased multi-tasking performance, and could bottleneck games at higher settings (this won’t be a problem because the graphics card isn’t something incredibly powerful like the GTX 680). However, the increase in performance in video games should outweigh these drawbacks. If you feel that they don’t, take a look at my Diablo 3 $400 July 2012 Build What’s also great about the G530 is that it uses the same CPU socket as Intel’s other Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPU’s, LGA 1155. So at any time, you can upgrade to an i3-2100, i5-2500K, etc.

I’ve decided to change up the Amazon store a little. Due to price fluctuations on graphics cards, I will list every reliable manufacturer of a specific model of graphics card, in this case the AMD 7750, and it is up to you to choose which one is the cheapest at the time.

Remember to choose the cheapest graphics card when selecting the build. The 3 items in the first row are all graphics cards to choose from. They’re all 7750′s, a very powerful and cost-efficient graphics card.

As always, you can change up the hard drive and case to your needs. Just make sure the case fits all the components.

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